1. Discipline with Loving Authority – for parents of young kids:
Your two-year-old just arched his back and threw himself on the floor in the middle of the aisle at Target because you wouldn’t buy him a cookie. Now he’s not only screaming at the top of his lungs, but he’s also thrashing around and pulling items off the shelf.
Think fast! How do you respond?
In this one-hour speaking session, Ellen weaves time tested techniques developed by the Love and Logics Institute with solid biblical truth to give you discipline strategies that lay the foundation for a healthy, close parent- child relationship. Parents will learn strategies that grow responsible, self-disciplined kids who are not only confident but fun to be around. At the same time they will learn simple tips on how to communicate effectively with their young kids, as well as how to avoid power struggles as well as reduce whining and arguing.
2. Guiding Adolescents with Loving Authority
One moment you’re adjusting a fairy tutu and cutting grapes in half and the next—well, you have a walking talking adolescent who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything pink and frilly and who can pack her own lunch, thankyouverymuch.
Just because your kid is growing up, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need your influence, your advice and your help.
In this session, Ellen shows parents how to upgrade your parenting repertoire to account for your adolescent’s maturity so that you can in order to remain connected and influential in her life. This session weaves time tested techniques developed by the Love and Logics Institute with solid biblical truth, forming parenting strategies that empower adolescents to take responsibility for their actions. Loaded with tips on how to communicate effectively with their kids, parents will gain skills on how to guide their kids successfully through the teen years, motivating them to become wise decision makers in the process. Even better, fun replaces fear as both parents and kids grow in confidence and journey through the teen years in a loving relationships with each other.
3. The Peril of Obedience: (Parents of any age kids)
Have you ever caught yourself saying something like “Do it because I said so?” to your kids.
We all do it, but when we parent following a set of stringent rules and formulas, the joy and fun of parenting disappears into a quagmire of legalism. In this session, Ellen focuses instead on a parenting philosophy that comprehends God’s love and promotes a intrinsic motivation for moral character. As we embrace God’s grace for ourselves and freely give it to our children, we can at the same time hold to firm, loving boundaries for our children. Ellen will give you practical tips and ideas that will help you to forgive freely, establish essential boundaries, set the foundation for developing morally solid and spiritually alive children and to have a good time with your kids in the process.
4. Growing Attention in an Age of Distraction
We are parenting our kids in a media crazed world.   In fact today’s parents are pioneers of the first generation of kids who will be raised entirely plugged in.  In this session Ellen discusses ways to teach kids how to use technology wisely AND also teach them spiritual disciplines of the soul that are found outside of the high tech social media world. The digital world is here to stay and it will reshape how our children learn. We need to pay careful attention to the consequences of this modified learning and be mindful of the affect of media and technology on the development of attention and memory.
5.  Adjusting the Aim from Perfection to Excellence (any age) 
Perfectionism is a snare, rooted in fear,  that prevents kids from becoming who God has designed for them to become.  Perfection is unattainable and results in discouragement.  It’s a standard the world sets. Excellence is God’s standard and it’s attainable. Excellence is freeing because it’s about growth – it’s learning to see mistakes as learning opportunities and not failure.    Ellen shares helpful insights and practical tips to move a child from the trap of perfectionism and into a pattern of confident growth.
6. Parenting Our Kids so They Grow Up Into the Men and Women God Wants Them To Be

We are all always growing – but in what direction? We want to see our kids grow up with godly character and we envision launching our teens into the world as committed believers and responsible adults. Often however, they grow complacent instead and wind up on the wrong trajectory. This session is about strategies and tips that will help you keep your child on a positive path of growth and learning so that they can grow up into God’s full potential for them.