Family consulting and coaching for schools and parents is available via Family Wings, LLC. Through one-on-one and group sessions, our consultants give parents the tools they need to raise healthy, happy and spiritually vibrant kids. The following services are available. If you don’t see what you need, we’re happy to discuss custom-programs designed for your group and family.

Individual Parent Coaching: Ellen will partner with you to develop effective parenting strategies. With more than 35 years of education and counseling experience, Ellen will come beside you to help you fight the bedtime battles, deal with school struggles, come up with discipline strategies that work and much more.
School Choice Consulting: Ellen has extensive experience working in both public and private schools and can sit with you to assess your kid’s unique schooling needs and help you to figure out the right place to send your child, whether your kid is starting Kindergarten or moving to a new school.

Initial Consult: $75/hour

Follow-up: $60/hour

Phone Follow-up: $25/30 minutes

Small Group Speaking:  Your choice of consultant will meet in your home or at a coffee shop for a one-hour coaching session or Q & A on a given topic.  They will answer individual questions and help your small group with parenting and schooling struggles or questions.
Group Speaking:  Have a Family Wings consultant come speak at your next group event.  We are experienced at speaking at everything from MOPS groups to large conferences.

$10/person (Minimum of 5 people)

$100-$250/hour depending on the event

School Board and Non-Profit Board Consulting:  Ellen has more than 20 years experience working with non-profit boards, both in development and strategy. Ellen’s “Non-Profit Board Rescue” retreat involves a full-day, 8-hour retreat with your board with an approach that is suited to your individual needs. Consultations include mediation, visionary consultation and board structure.
Start-up School Consulting: Ellen has been an integral part in the development and launch of three successful schools, a private pre-K program, a private charter school in Oregon and a University Model School in Austin, Texas. Ellen will come beside your board or team to answer essential questions in a two-day intensive retreat or through a series of phone consultations.

$125/hour phone or in person consultation

1 Day Consutation or Retreat:  $1,000 plus expenses

2 Day Consultation or Retreat:  $2,000 plus expenses

Nutrition Counseling:  Get individualized nutrition counseling for anything from general nutrition guidance to specific medical nutrition therapy.  Whether you need help reaching your health goals, adjusting to a new diagnosis like diabetes, overcoming disordered eating or dealing with a picky toddler, this service is for you.  For more information, go to

Initial Consult:  $75

Follow-Up:  $60/hour

Phone Follow-Up:  $25/30 minutes

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