You may already be acquainted with Kathy Koch, but if not, I would like to introduce you to her.  She is a fabulous author and speaker, someone I always enjoy learning from, because she is both inspiring and practical.  She has written a number of important books and writes a blog that I encourage you to sign up for.  Kathy Koch founded Celebrate Kids 26 years ago, a ministry through which she helps others build lives with meaningful purpose.
She recently wrote Screens and Teens, a book that I highly recommend as well.  It’s about “connecting with our kids in a wireless world.”  To that end she will be an “educational expert in the up and coming movie CONNECT by Kirk Cameron. This movie will be show around the nation, (Austin area theaters included) on February 27th and March 1.  You can go here and enter your zip code to see which theaters in your town will show it on February 27 and March 1.
Check out a short trailer of this important movie, which will be a great resource in teaching children in the midst of the challenges technology and social media can create.
Buy your tickets in advance to secure a theatre seat for this important movie.

Kathy Koch: “As I write about in Screens and Teens, helplessness can be an effect of digital devices. Kids of all ages believe things should be easy, learning shouldn’t take any effort, and winning should be guaranteed. Of course, none of this is true!”