Earlier this week, I asked Joey, my oldest grandchild if he thought the presence of an iphone, even if merely set down and unused, would distract him from doing well on a math assignment.  Unlike many students, who insisted that they are immune to any affect, I was surprised and delighted with his emphatic response, “it would definitely distract me from doing good work because even seeing it is too tempting for me.
I could tell by the conversation with Joey that he had gained knowledge that helped him recognize the downside of having a smart phone.  Already this information was useful in determining better practices for himself.
As guardians of our young kids hearts and minds, we must remember to share with them reliable, up-to-date information. Here’s a great blog by Tim Elmore that is well worth reading and sharing with your kids. Dr. Elmore summarizes several recent studies and shares information that is helpful and important for all of us living in this tech-driven world.

Do Smart Phones Make Us Smarter?