I went to John Diehl’s memorial service on Saturday. 

A highly-respected man of God.  Father of five.  Husband to Meg.  All week, my thoughts have turned to Meg, JR, Scott, Henry, Sarah and Grace.  I try to imagine what it’s like to wake up one morning to life as usual, then to have one’s world turned upside down a few hours later.
When Meg’s kids were younger, I spent regular time with her. With five children and the demands of University-Model® schooling, she was stretched very thin back then.  It was in that season, however, that she learned of Graham Cooke who pointed her to God’s relentless love for her, and she began to experience God’s peace and rest in a revitalizing way.

As Meg spoke to the very large crowd who had gathered at the service, she exuded peace and joy even as she spoke of the death of her beloved husband.  

Arriving home from the memorial service, I went right to a link she had provided in the memorial program, which read:
Where Meg is Rooted:  Graham Cooke’s The Nature of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pVyFCoKGBM&t=811s

Thank you Meg!  I needed to hear this again!

There is no such thing as a good day or a bad day.  Only days of grace.  Some days we enjoy what the day holds.  Other days we must simply endure.  But in each day, we can enjoy the grace that God is present in it.

Meg spoke with such peace because she is at peace even as she deals with the death of her dear husband.  It’s still a day of grace for her. And she knows that in this desert season, “God is stamping the image of Jesus on her and preparing her for a vineyard of fruitfulness.”
Meg – thank you for walking and living in the love of Christ and for representing Him even in the midst of your great loss (It puts my own struggles into perspective). You are such an encouragement to me and I am sure to many others!