God speaks to His people. He guides and plants vision into our hearts that inspires and moves us down certain paths.

School Vision

Veritas Academy has always been shaped by individuals who have been led by God-inspired vision.  I still remember many late-night board meetings back in the fall of 2005 when Veritas Academy first opened doors.  At one meeting, Jef Fowler spoke of seeing us on land – land with running streams and lots of trees.  Hills and rocks. Space for kids to enjoy the outdoors. Something stirred in me that evening.  I could envision what Jef was describing as well.
For years, Jef diligently searched for such a school location.  Soon this dream will be a reality. I am confident that God has plans for Veritas Academy on our land that we are not even aware of yet. He has established our steps and He will not only bring the buildings to completion but all that He has in mind for us as well.

Family Vision

This past week, it became official that my grandkids, Asa and Alma, will be joining their sister and cousins at Veritas Academy in the fall. “How crazy is it,” I told my husband, “that ten of our grandchildren will attend Veritas together- and hopefully Beth will join them in the future as well.”  Veritas Academy, in so many ways, helps to fulfill dreams I held in my heart long ago.  Even as a child, I dreamed of being a mother to three children and doing life together with them.  I dreamed of unity and nurturing relationships, perhaps in part because these were not my actual experiences back then.
At times it seems to good to be true. My husband, our son and his wife also work at Veritas. My girls and their families live right next door on our property allowing us to regularly be a part of their lives.  Our son-in-law Peter is our pastor.  I am blessed to write books with my oldest daughter.  We have unity and fun together as a family.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I remember a Sunday evening back in 2002 when Glen and I were empty nesters still living in Bend, Oregon while our kids  lived in other states. Glen and I were late to church that evening and took seats near the back. I remember half-heartedly singing the worship songs while fighting an overwhelming sadness. I missed my kids. I lacked purpose. I didn’t see much to look forward to.
But as He always does, God knew exactly what I needed to hear that evening and he used a guest pastor to ignite hope within me. I don’t remember his name or what he looks like, but I still remember him pointing at us and saying, “you in the back there, I believe God wants me to pray for you.” Glen and I bolted upright feeling embarrassed when we realized he was pointing at us. I will never forget his prayer however – a man who didn’t know anything about us, yet spoke words that resurrected hope and vision in my heart. I didn’t understand them at the time. In fact, my initial response was cynical. “He can’t possibly be talking about us.” But I wrote his prayer down into my journal because it stunned me: He prayed that our family would grow healthy and united and be established together as light and hope to others.  These words resurrected a dream in me, one that I pondered day after day, wondering if this could possibly ever be true.  I could not let go of it.
 Fifteen years later, I look back in awe and thank Him daily for the opportunity to do life together with my family and to be united around the purpose of raising up our next generation to love and honor Christ.  I pray that our lives do offer hope to others.
I thank Him daily for our school and the property we are about to inhabit as well.  I know that God has great plans for us as a school community.  We are united around the same purpose and have much to look forward to.  Jef’s dream is about to be realized.
Proverbs 29:18 says that without vision, people cast off restraint.  Vision is what has kept my husband’s and my feet planted even when circumstances have told us to change direction.  Vision is what has kept our school plans alive even though circumstances at times seem to have been impossible.
Jesus said in John 10:27 that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. I am grateful to our God who speaks to His children and shows us the way we are to go.