Back in August of 2005, when Veritas Academy first opened its doors, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild.

We didn’t even know if it would be boy or a girl, but we knew that come Christmas, we would hold that baby in our arms and start a new chapter in our lives. And so work began, I dug into my new job, building a school that I really believed in, that I hoped, maybe one day, that precious grandchild would be able to attend.
Joey was born in December.
That fall, Erin brought him into my office wrapped in a blue and white checked blanket to visit. I remember holding him and praying that maybe some day, maybe, I would have him with me in this place where I had poured my heart.
But it seemed like it wasn’t to be. Cam and Erin made it clear that they would be enrolling Joey and their kids in the neighborhood public school. My son Troy and his wife had moved to Kentucky to attend seminary. And Alisa and her husband were struggling with health issues and infertility.
Yet, I felt something in me niggling at me to pray.
And so pray I did.
First, Troy and Stevi made the decision to move back to Austin.
Then, Alisa and Peter had a miracle baby. (Follow by, later, another, then another…. and then another.)
Then, four years ago, after Joey had completed two years in public school, Erin woke up one morning in a cold sweat feeling definitively that she needed to move Joey to Veritas. At that point, there weren’t any openings, for him or his little sister who would be starting Kindergarten, but prayer works: Through a series of last-minute drops and waiting list declines, both kids got in.
In Fall of 2013, three of my grandkids started at Veritas. Joey in 2nd grade and Jude and Kate in Kinder.
We added Hadassah in 2014.
In 2015, we added Will and Greta.
And yesterday, on the first day of 2016, we added Isaac and Elsie.

IMG_0689I could never have imagined what this pictures holds: 8 grandchildren attending Veritas Academy, ranging from PreK through 5th grade!

I also would not have imagined still being a part of this delightful organization but one thing that keeps me coming back year after year, is seeing the graduates and knowing their journey – how they overcame challenges and grew into men and women of faith.
I am thrilled that my own grandchildren have this opportunity and that I can be a part of it.  What a blessing!

Yesterday, my daughter Erin wrote a post about what it was like dropping her youngest– my Will– off for Kindergarten.

You can find her post here. It will bring back memories for those of you with older students and it will be a delightful encouragement for those of you with multiple little ones. It brought tears to my eyes and gratitude in my heart for our school.