Practically speaking, there is much to fear in this uncertain world.

I find it difficult to turn on the news around my young grandkids wondering if they are mature enough to handle the breaking news of each day. I wonder what the world will be like for them as adults.
As I pondered last week’s blog, “Helping Kids Find Their Identity in Christ,” I felt grateful for who we can become in Christ and that God has sent redemption to HIs people and will command His covenant with us forever. (Psalm 111:9)
We are redeemed.
His love sets us free.
The world may be broken and falling into despair, but we need not grow anxious because our hope is in Him.

A recent study indicated that today’s adolescents consider their highest value to be that of fame.

Yes, fame!
They want to matter, to make a difference, to be noticed, to be known.  If their idea of fame is framed by the broken world they live in however, it will never satisfy the deepest longing in their souls.
Only a secure identity in Christ will meet their deepest needs, as well as their desire to be known and to matter. Such an identity will not falter when facing evil, nor stumble when tempted,  nor fear in times of uncertainty, nor give up when things don’t go as planned.

But this is a difficult concept to grasp….

….to let go of trying to seek worldly satisfaction to instead find their purpose in Christ.  That’s deep stuff. When the world comes at them constantly, we must be ever more vigilant to teach them this and it begins with us gaining a grasp on it ourselves.  Just like us, this truth will be comprehended in their hearts layer by layer.

I started this past week by trying to teach my children the truths in Ephesians 2:10: 

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

We are His workmanship.
Created in Christ Jesus for good works.
Which God prepared beforehand.
That we should walk in them.

Wow! How great is that!  

God’s redemptive plan is to set us free from pursuits that leave us empty to seeking Him with a whole heart, which will complete us and give us lasting purpose.
As I shared this verse with my 4 to 9 year old grandchildren, I wondered how much of it they grasped. Maybe a little. But that ‘s a start. A seed. I will keep watering this seed by adding other verses about who they are in Christ.  (A list is included in last week’s blog)
Let’s give thanks to the LORD this holiday season, for His steadfast love will endure forever! (Psalm 107:1)

A good article by Ann Voskamp: 

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