Until recently IQ was considered the most important factor with regard to a child’s success in learning.

Now scientists are finding a very different set of skills believed to be crucial; these are non-cognitive skills such as persistence, fortitude, self-control, curiosity, drive, and thoroughness. They are often referred to as executive function skills, those intangible character qualities previously regarded by many as not teachable. Now however scientists are saying these may in fact be the most important skills to teach.

 photo(10)How can we foster a culture in our homes and classrooms in which children learn these qualities that are vital to their growth and development in every way?

How do we encourage them to be “attentive observers and industrious doers, propelled by their own initiative?” (Veritas Valiant)
How do we teach our children grit or SISU, that tenacious ability to persist despite the challenges?
How do we help them grow in attentiveness and self-control?
Starting August 28th, I will post a “mini blog” each week related to how we can foster such a culture in our homes and classrooms: 
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