Dear Readers,

Below are four inspirational blogs to read….

Dear You Who Doesn’t Want to do the Hard Thing – Ann Voskamp

Dear Lovely You,
who doesn’t want to play the piano,
take out the recycling,
study for your geometry exam,
get on the treadmill,
clean up the basement,
or do that big thing that feels like an impossible thing—
okay, yeah, boy, do I hear you.
It doesn’t matter a hill of sprouting beans if you’re 9 and stomping your feet or 16 and slamming doors or 40 and distracting on your phone — hard things just keep calling you because you’re meant to answer to higher and better things.  READ….

3 Ways to Transform Rhythms & Routines in a Newly Classical Homeschool 

A delighftul article about educating our children at home by Allison Burr at the  CiRCE Institute

Two great blogs from Veritas moms….

Connie Hagen,  Veritas mom and author of (coming out soon) Drinking the Cup You are Served: How to Live Beyond Your Circumstances, writes a thought-provoking blog:

A couple of weeks ago I watched my son after a long Christmas break load up his car for the fourth time and drive off to college.  Watching your kids leave for college never gets easier, for me it has actually gotten harder.  I remember when I drove him to school his freshman year. I thought I would be devastated, but to my surprise I was actually relieved.  After such a stressful senior year worrying about college admission, SAT scores, senior trip, graduation, and getting him prepared to leave home, dropping him off and getting him settled in his dorm was easy. But every time he comes home and leaves again my heart hurts a little more.  On the one hand I am very proud of watching him grow into an independent man, but on the other hand I am sad to see him need me a little less every time he leaves.  READ……

Sandra Moore, Veritas parent and author of Nakedness: Stories of God Stripping Away the Chaos and the Mundane to Reveal Truth and Light Within, writes a sweet weekly devotion:

I saw my son standing in the kitchen, scissors perfectly poised on the plastic thing that attaches tags to new clothes.  As he was about to cut the tag off the pants he hadn’t tried on yet, I exclaimed, with hands waving in the air, “no, no, no- try them on first please!”  He looked at me and “snip!” went the scissors.  READ…..