So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

Picture your son as a graduating senior? Picture your daughter stepping onto a college campus? These are the most intriguing questions we ask parents in their admission’s interview to Veritas Academy. I enjoy hearing the hopes and dreams that moms and dads hold for their young children. Then when graduation time rolls around, I sentimentally reflect on how their sons and daughters are now walking into the vision painted for them years ago.
229px-Graduation_hat1.svgI know the struggles some of these students have had to work through in different seasons of their lives and I know the times of hopelessness their parents have felt as a result. Each graduate has a unique story, one that includes both refining of individual strengths as well as prevailing over personal weaknesses. Each has experienced both success and failure; wise choices as well as mistakes; good times and bad times. I see how God is bringing clarity to their personal identity, via their strengths and interests, but also how He is developing resilience as they confront their imperfections and overcome obstacles.

I believe that God paints vision for children into the hearts and minds of their parents.

Moms and dads are His chosen ones to guide, train and nurture these little ones. As I consider our youngest students to those who are graduating, they represent segments of the same journey of growth towards a heavenly vision that God has called them to. This vision has less to do with what they will become career-wise and more to do with who they are deep within their souls as individuals: what drives them and defines them. The educational segment of this journey seems like a long stretch at the front end, but with each passing year the pace seems to quicken. Then suddenly high school graduation arrives, and with it the realization that this portion of the trek was, in reality, quite short.
I think of my own grandchildren, three of whom now attend school at Veritas Academy, and a fourth one coming next year. I picture them as graduates and wonder what the journey from now and until them will hold for them. I know it won’t always be easy. Growth never is. For that matter neither is life. I realize that in the challenging stretches, they will not only gain resilience but also see their need of Jesus and be willing to be perfected by Him.

Soon we will say farewell to another class of graduates.  

As I look at the list of young men and women, my heart warms when I consider how they have grown through the years. And I am grateful for a community of parents who have been there in the journey with them. That’s perhaps the most important role we as parents and grandparents have; to be there in the moment with our children, reminding them continually of God’s vision for them, giving life full attention together.

Here’s my challenge to all parents:

Say NO to distractions and YES to the opportunities to authentically connect along the way because this segment of the journey will soon end.  And keep a tight grip on the hand of Jesus who longs to be your comfort and strength along the way.
On a related note, watch this 5 minutes video about the real difference we can make when we are there for each other in the moment.   “Looking Up” is an inspirational spoken word  that is well worth your time. Do watch it!