Come to Me.  All you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.

Matthew 11: 28-30

Part V of SeriesFrom Innocence to Purity

The Bible instructs us to give generously and without a grudging heart our money, time and possessions.  Yet we can be very stingy and tightly hold to our fears, striving, pride, stubbornness, anger, strongholds, self-pity, self- condemnation.
Why is it that the very things which cause our hearts to be heavy laden are what we often cling to the tightest?  Yet when we choose to surrender all our burdens, God graciously instructs us out of the abundance of His heart,  steadying our feet, purifying our hearts, and refreshing our souls.

It’s quite an exchange:

He takes my  striving in the flesh and gives me rest.
He takes my agitated heart & mind and gives me peace.
He infuses my weaknesses with His strength.
He takes my resentment & anger and replaces it with love & forgiveness.
He turns my self-pity into compassion for others.
My human reasoning in exchange for His divine inspiration.
My folly for His wisdom.

Why do I hold on so tightly to the very things I must let go of?

At the root is pride, assuming that my mind can somehow produce heavenly wisdom; that outcomes are mine to control; that by striving hard enough I can purify my heart. Yet, Godly wisdom never flows from pride; human reasoning never leads to the springs of living water;  holding on to burdens keeps my heart heavy and discouraged.
Worry is a habit.  A false sense of control.  Everyday brings with it something we can worry about.  Oh, how we can worry and grow anxious over our children!  However, fretfulness in a parent’s heart fosters fretfulness in the child’s heart, resulting in attitudes and actions that flow out of human inclinations rather than out of spiritual insights.  Then divisiveness begins to characterize, in increasing measure, the very relationships we hold most dear to us.

What causes a lighthearted child to grow a heavy heart as they age?

It’s no different for them as it is for us.  They are driven by their own sentiments and thoughts. They are prideful.  They long for attention and admiration.  They worry about being “good enough” and they fear failing. They hold on to hurt and anger.  They wallow in self-pity. They are sinners, just like us and we all need Jesus.  When our own hearts are free of unnecessary burdens, we encourage them to open up the hidden places in their hearts and lift their rubbish up to Jesus as well.

Daily Surrender.  That’s what God requires.

More than our money, our time, or our possessions.  He wants what we possess within-  that which grips our hearts and causes terror in the night to rise up within.   He wants our hearts emptied out and room made for Him. That’s a purified heart.
Francis J. Roberts expressed it beautifully with these words: “If you come to Me with any kind of cloak over your soul, to this extent only you hinder Me from fully opening My heart to you. I am neither disturbed by imperfections nor impressed with piety.  People look upon the outward, but I am only concerned with the heart; for I know that whenever I can occupy the heart, all will be working toward perfection in the outer person.” (Come Away My Beloved)