To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dear Friends,
Another school year is ending and it’s time for the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.”    Before you know it however, the next school year will start up, so take advantage of this season when you and your kids have time to focus in different ways.   Summer is a time to recharge but also a time to strengthen weak skills and even learn new skills.  Otherwise the “lazy” days of summer can quickly turn “hazy” and even “crazy” and you’ll find yourself wishing instead for the hurried, packed days of the school year.
To be sure summertime is a season for students (and parents) to enjoy a slower pace.  All too often, kids turn their free time into screen time however.  A recent study by sociologists found that young children actually get fatter during their summer breaks than while in school so make sure to encourage plenty of physical activity.
This slower placed season can be a time of constructive evaluation and a chance to set goals for the next school year.   This week, set aside an evening with your entire family to evaluate the previous school year:

  • Recap what went well and celebrate their successes!
  • Ask your kids what they are most proud of and why.
  • Also ask them what they are disappointed with and why.
  • Guide them to establish summer time goals and well as goals for the next school year that address these issues.  Their goals can be academic, spiritual, physical and/or social; and they even need to set goals for how they plan to have fun.  They can be about establishing new habits, strengthening skills or learning new skills.
  • Encourage them to get into a routine at the start of summer.  The habits they start the summer out with will set the tone for their entire break.  If they  begin each day by surfing the net, watching TV or playing a computer game, they’ll soon find whole days escaping them and summer passing aimlessly by.
  • Persuade them to beat the procrastination habit!   If they can overcome tendencies to procrastinate as a student, they’ll set themselves up for success.

William Glen MacPherson

I too am evaluating the school year gone by and establishing personal goals for the next school season.  In June, I will take a break from posting for a few weeks while Glen and I travel to Israel (we are pumped!) as well as to Oregon.  Just this week, we met our sixth grandchild, William Glen who was born on Wednesday May 25th.