In returning and rest you shall be saved.  In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

Dear Friends,
If you have read recent posts, you know that the focus has been on promises of faith. I have one more to share with you – the promise in stillness.To grasp this one consistently is challenging for me, more so than the others.

  1. I find daily security and peace when I contemplate on the Nature of God.
  2. I am learning to seek His provision, trusting He will equip me to all that He calls me to.
  3. I am deeply touched (and relieved) that His love for me is guaranteed even when I mess up.
  4. Depending on Him, especially in the areas I am weak is profoundly inspiring.

To develop stillness as a consistent discipline in my life however is proving to be easier said than done.The stillness I am referring to is not about an external state of affairs (To be still in our culture today is nearly an oxymoron).  Rather it is about being free of an internal state of agitation or excitement. Because of the distracted world we live in, and the activity driven nature of our society, practicing the discipline of stillness –  or rest –  is even more essential.
At those times when I most need to “be still” my human nature is tempted instead to flip to “Ellen’s gear”.  Then my thinking goes “adrenalin”, I talk faster and work faster, growing more agitated but actually less fruitful.   Being an action oriented person with a full agenda, my driven work ethic at those times becomes my downfall.
Now however I am learning to recognize this pattern and then purposely “flipping the switch.” Thankfully rest in God is never out of reach, regardless of the circumstances. God already knows what I need and is just waiting for me to calm down and rest enough to hear Him.
I need to abide in this internal stillness when my workload is the heaviest and no end is in sight; I need to abide there in order to remain patient with my active (but very delightful) grandchildren.  I need this disicpline to walk wisely with students as they practice and learn to live out their faith.  Stillness restores peace to my heart amidst dissension, and equips me to respond lovingly to others rather than react impulsively.  I need stillness when I am healthy or sick, weak or strong, pleased or displeased, confused or certain.
Stillness grounds me in the rest of God where I am attentive to Him and the enemy leaves me alone.  I am working on walking in it consistently  and  just like the other four promises, it is a discipline well worth the effort.
His love is a promise.
His provision is as well.
He is the eternal God who does not change.
You can depend on Him.
Therefore be still and know that He is God.