Hello friends,
I’ve been laid up with the flu this week.  I took some time to check out other blogs, some of which are listed here:

  • Carrie Stephens is the author of a new blog called Burnt Toast.  She is a pastor’s wife, mother of four and friend who lives in north Austin.  You will love her humorous and inspirational writing style about daily living with four active children currently age six and under.
  • Also check out the great tips for healthy family meals at Enjoy Real Food, a new blog my daughter Alisa authors.  She is a registered Dietitian, wife and mom who believes that you can be healthy and still enjoy life and food…and of course, chocolate!
  • I was inspired by Lana Rush’s posts at Along Came The Bird.  Lana is the mother of two beautiful and talented high school girls who attend Veritas Academy, as well as the mother of sweet Lilly. Lana writes about “real life adventures of a special needs family.” This week’s guest author is her husband Ryan, who is the pastor at Bannockburn Baptist Church in Southwest Austin.  (also home sick with the flu!)  Pastor Rush‘s new book WALLS – WHY EVERYBODY’S STUCK (and nobody has to be) is a terrific and inspiring read.

This is it for today – I’m getting ready to speak at MOPS this morning and  praying that the audience will not be disgusted with my runny nose, glazed over eyes, and scratchy throat!
Next week’s post will be the fifth and final posting on “Promises.”  Studying and writing about these amazing promises of faith are changing me in deep ways. I pray they are a blessing to you as well. (Scroll down through the past four weeks to read about the other promises.)
Have a great week and try not to catch this flu!