Guest Author – Kate Krone

Kate Krone has been married for 18 years to her husband Andy who teaches Chemistry and Physics at Veritas Academy.  They are blessed with four daughters:  Annalie age 12 (7th grader at Veritas), Emmelia age 10 (5th grader at Veritas), Elliana age 7 and Adaline almost 5.
Kate and Andy have served as volunteer Young Life leaders as well as church youth group leaders and are passionate about discipling young people to know the Truth. As a family they desire to actively pursue opportunities to glorify Christ and to join Him where He is at work.  They have been to the DR a couple of times to work with Makarios, a faith based, non-profit organization dedicated to educational development in impoverished parts of the world.  (To learn more about this organization, check out their website at Each time He has asked them to go, He has done amazing things to remind them of who He is.
Kate’s beautifully written poem, about their time, in the DR is filled with portrayals of our mighty and faithful God who sustained their family through many trials and struggles.   Kate’s poem personifies 2 Peter 1: 3 that “His divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us….”
May her story encourage us to diligently grow in the knowledge of who Jesus is!

You Asked Us to Go Lord
and because we knew who You were, that was enough!
By Kate Krone

You asked us to go Lord

to serve as college intern coordinators for Makarios.

For the whole summer-really?

All 6 of us in one small room?

We prayed and talked with our girls

Yes! They answered right away.

We listed what they would miss here

talked about what they would do without –

again, an immediate Yes!

Our yes came a little slower

hindered by what ifs? and our own desires.

But once decided, we excitedly planned and prepared.

We arrived and dove into all that You would have for us

but soon realized the waters

were deeper and rougher than we thought. This wasn’t what we expected.

At times, there was trouble connecting with others in the ministry house

our hopes for community were disappointed.

Our lack of Spanish got in the way of relationships with the people of the Island,

no privacy meant little communication as a couple.

And yet You continued to ask us to put our love into action,

to give up our rights, sacrifice daily –

Not just when it was convenient or felt good.

To leave the last bit of peanut butter for someone else

knowing there might not be more for quite a while,

to do laundry that wasn’t ours,

to give up our time to others.

You asked us to actually live out what we continuously tell our girls-

to think the best of others,

to love as You love us

no matter how we felt or how hot it was.

As we invested in our job

balancing being on 24/7,

pouring into those we lived with,

those on staff, the interns,

people living in homes made of scraps of metal,

the children on the streets

while trying to parent our 4 girls –

the doubts and questions slowly crept in.

How did we fit?  What were we doing here?

Places were stirred up in us that we thought had been fully dealt with.

Responsible, capable us

suddenly couldn’t rely on our own strength

or abilities anymore.

But we knew who You are,

we knew You had asked us to go

and that was enough.

Even when the crisis and sickness came.

Our 2 year old baby, left for a moment, is found by Andy

alone up on the ledge of the 3rd story roof

sitting sideways, legs off the ground,

smiling, unaware of the danger.

One false move, a slight shift

would mean a fall to certain death below – but You are Mighty to Save

Our 10 year old comes to us with a fever and bite on her leg

now badly infected.

Angry red streaks have begun to spread from it.

That first night we spend waking her often

making sure she hasn’t lost consciousness

she’s bedridden and in pain for 2 days –

but You are the Healer

A bad stomach bug hits all of us

and in the midst of it

our 5 year old slips in the bathroom injuring her neck.

Unable to move, she screams through the night that she can’t see us or feel our touch.

With no ambulance nearby, not wanting to move her

we spend that night laying beside her on the ground

claiming healing and power in Your Son’s name unsure of what’s to come-

but You are our Provider.

Our 8 year old wakes up one morning

in pain with a swollen tongue and face

bites from some unknown insect.

We pray, not sure how it’ll progress –

But You are the giver of peace.

Again and again we’re hit

the spiritual and physical attacks continue.

We were weary, our marriage and parenting was suffering

our joy in this ministry was fading.

But we knew You had asked us to go

and slowly we began to notice that with each crisis

each disappointment that came,

we were a little quicker to find our hope, peace,

even joy in You.

Our prayers began to change too.

In the middle of crying out for You to save our injured 5 year old

an unbeliever staying at the house came to mind.

Suddenly, those prayers so focused on saving our daughter

became desperate pleas for You to save him too.

We came to know and understand in new ways

the power of prayer and Your Word.

The prayers of others for us became tangibly evident

as did Your presence right there with us.

We began to see You at work all around us.

Our lives became ones of expectancy.

Each struggle became an opportunity for our family

to grow closer,

to trust, pray and be a witness to others.

We were living this out together

with no private place to go,

to get a grip or catch our breath.

Every pain, every circumstance, every response

and Your unfailing grace, provision and love

was lived out in community.

It didn’t get easier

but we became all the more convinced

Of who You are as You showed Yourself to us daily.

And who we’re not.

We’re not in control, worthy or even able in our own strength.

Our expectations and hopes

Came from a limited perspective

And fell short of all that You had for us.

We went to the Dominican Republic

believing we were going to serve, bless and minister to others.

But You had better plans.

By the end of our time there

in Your loving, amazing way

You had redeemed our struggle and pain

blessing us with a loving community,

refinement and brokenness that brought with it

a desire for depth of relationship

freedom from pretending

strength in knowing without a doubt who You are

humility in serving and loving and realizing how lost we all are without You

and hope for others, for us, for the future

because we have seen Your goodness in the land of the living

And are forever changed

Because You asked us to go!