As the Family Ministries Director at Veritas Academy, I meet with mommies every day!  I celebrate as well as agonize with them. I listen to them and pray with them.  The typical mom I see today is uniquely different from the mom I worked with even a decade ago, and the differences both invigorate and challenge me.
I have worked with moms and dads since the 1980’s in all sorts of settings.  While the culture has vastly changed in these 30 years, and morality is no longer a commonly shared pursuit, a genuine desire to seek after something real and powerfully lasting is taking place in the hearts of Christian moms and dads everywhere I go.  They are tired of being passive.  They are tired of watching Christian families and their children become indistinguishable from those outside the faith.  While they strive to protect their children’s innocence, they comprehend that to become men and women, children must embrace purity, which can only be attained through determined integrity, and maintained with upright, developed character.  They know that a holy heart, and not an intellectual mind, is the benchmark of truth.  They are driven by something far more magnificent than the best that life here on earth can offer.  They believe that the best is yet to come.
At the same time, these parents experience considerable fears that work to contradict their noble aspirations.  They are confused about how to disciple and educate their children well in today’s culture.   Their families face an unprecedented, continuous, onslaught of influence via communication technologies.   They walk out their role as parents during a deeply troublesome and unstable period in our nation.  In the midst of such trying conditions, these parents urgently strive to shepherd their children wisely; they don’t consistently know what “wise” looks and feels like however.  This unknown clouds the landscape for many parents and unfortunately dampens their joy and hope.
All parents, as the primary authority for their children, must assume an active role in education, whether their children are kindergarteners or about to graduate from high school.  While the game plan is decidedly different based on the model of schooling chosen, concerns and real issues are present in them all. The public school parent must teach their children to successfully navigate the daily blitz of potentially alarming influences.  The home school parent carries a weighty burden of adequately preparing their students for the future.  Even the private school parent cannot passively assume that “private” necessarily provides quality or supports their goals.  University-Model parents find themselves in a uniquely different process because the UMS structure requires a sincere partnership between school and home, that in and of itself is hard work!
Each Friday, a blog will be posted, along with a question or thought for readers to respond to. The topics will be practical and applicable while addressing the heart of the issues parents face.  We will celebrate and laugh together – agonize and cry together- and share authentically with each other as we walk down the path of raising our children and grandchildren- as we strive to educate kids towards lives marked with Biblical discernment and love for Jesus.  I hope to hear from you, learn from you, and walk with you in the uniquely influential and vastly important role of raising and educating your precious children!
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