Links for Parents Regarding 50 Shades of Grey

Parents, Whether you plan to see the movie, or not, please consider what these authors have to say on behalf of your impressionable teens. A Letter to All Parents Regarding 50 Shades of Grey by Erin MacPherson I heard something very disturbing yesterday.  I was...

A Plea for Moderation

For our family, holidays and special occasions mean eating together. When our whole family gathers to celebration a birthday or enjoy a Thanksgiving feast together, it's not exactly a leisurely occasion - not yet at least with all the young grandchildren in our midst....

Controlling our Minds

America’s colleges and universities may be the best in the world but our nation’s students are not faring so well in the process. Economist Mark Schneider recently referred to colleges with significant dropout rates as “failure factories” and he sadly considers them...

So what did happen to Carly?

Carly needed more than good intentions to succeed. She needed to acquire necessary character qualities, such as courage and initiative, in order to meet the challenges of college life.

Welcome to Ellen's Blog

All parents, as the primary authority for their children, must assume an active role in education, whether their children are kindergarten age or about to graduate from high school. While the game plan is decidedly different based on the model of schooling chosen, concerns and real issues are present in them all.

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